Our Services

At Shipping.fo we encourage our clients to use all our services.

But because different clients have different needs, our service range varies as well.

We offer the whole scale to our clients, from solely being the local process agent to a more comprehensive management solution.

9001 14001 EN col


Shipping.fo is certified according ISO 9001 Quality System and ISO 14001 Environmental System.

The company also complies with the ILO MLC2006


MLC 2006Our services:

 - FAS process agent (FAS: Faroe Islands National & International Ship Register)
 - Personnel recruitment
 - Documentation & training
 - Salary administration
 - Travel & visa arrangements
 - Medical claim handling
 - Bookkeeping

Other Services:

 - Document of Compliance
 - Flag state and regional compliance


For further inquiries please contact us:

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Tel. +298 200999




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